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UK's Number 1 Web design company : Located in London

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Techlands is now offering 6 months Free hosting + 120.00 OFF overall price.


All our web page and ecommerce designs are entirely custom built to your specific needs,
no templates used. Highly skilled designers create your company an impressive and effective online presence.

We don't just design your website and then walk away to look for the next "big Client ".
To us, the launch of a website is the start of a business relationship not the end.
After your site is launched we strive to drive traffic to your site to bring you new customers.

Company Introduction

Techlands are located in London and have a wide range of multi-talented web designers and specialist database developers who work along side our search engine optimisation team to bring our clients the success they need to strive in competitive market.

As a company we offer the full web package of: web design, front-end development, back-end development, on-site search engine optimisation and off-site search engine optimisation. Absolutely nothing is outsourced.

When you are looking for a company to represent you on the internet to get the best results for web design, web development and SEO you would generally need to contract a specialist for each area. This can stagger your web site and reduce its overall impact. At Techlands, we have brought strength into the company for all areas to ensure a high level of service.